10 dos and donts of dating americaa sex chat

10 dos and donts of dating

It's not something you want to get caught doing by your partner, or your boss.Particularly because listening to it is supposed to put you to sleep.CAFFEINE We all know a 'coffee doesn't affect me' guy.He loves telling people about the double espresso he drinks before going to bed.(Too many of us still call it expresso.) So, while other countries have got used to the notion that there is a time for everything, we're still wondering why we're staring at the ceiling for two hours a night.Factor in our inability to form memories or learn anything (see above), and it's no surprise we're downing a double espresso at 7pm the following day, to get us the through to bedtime. A sleep research foundation in the US found that caffeine taken six hours before bedtime could cause you to lose an hour's sleep.In a similar vein, don't think it's cool to ape Italians by drinking a double espresso at midnight. MELATONIN Melatonin is the hormone that tells you to go to sleep.It's like your mother when you were young, except it doesn't have an outrageous fantasy involving Gay Byrne.

We're still amateurs when it comes to strong coffee.

Women are aware that sex will help them sleep; pointing this out to them in the hope of getting a leg-over, well that's got failure written all over it.

Also, bear in mind that lack of sleep can affect testosterone, and therefore your sex drive.

This is usually represented on internet articles by a guy sitting on the edge of the bed in his boxer shorts, with his head in his hands.

His frustrated partner looks on with a mixture of concern and contempt.

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And scoffing at science these days puts you on the same side as Donald Trump. The simplest form of research is to count the number of words a man uses in the four seconds between his orgasm and falling asleep.

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