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I seriously don’t never know it’s there unless you get caught red-handed, which my teams have now done, but they’ve come to accept it because I’ve never made a bad thing with it.it is one of the easiest superfoods to sneak into your family’s life, and hope for any thing more healthy. I actually make a similar version, but I add balsamic vinegar and sometimes cherry tomatoes.And may I add that all your recipes are yummy, and I can’t wait until Amazon delivers your cookbook (or should I say coffee table book due to the beautiful photography? Reply I made this salad yesterday to have for lunches this week…when i was making it i read the part about “enjoy the same day”. so i just shredded the salad and stored each component separately.but I have an answer to how to give kale to a toddler who might be picky.you give it the same way I give all my teenagers kale and zucchini. pizza pasta sauce banana smoothies, brownies, cake, homemade salad dressing, make my own bread, any kind of soup.It would have been great tossed right before, but the hour it sat it wilted the softer lettuce. Reply I had to half the recipe, because I didn’t have enough kale, but I addled lentils for some protein and subbed apple cider vinegar for lemon juice (added a little maple syrup to the dressing to take some of the edge off), and it was delicious!It didn’t seem to matter, everyone LOVED it and my grandpa even ate it not knowing it contained kale! I made this for Thanksgiving as our green salad of the meal. Reply My cousin made this for a pre-holiday gathering.

I will put this on my “restaurants to go to someday” wish list :)–thank you for sharing & beautiful salad. They just opened a location here in Dallas last Tuesday!!! I had a muffin that was very good and I am trying to find the recipe now. You can actually find the recipe here: Since we are talking about Kale here in this post I am on a Kale Chip kick:) I personally do not like pepper with it so I leave that off and the nutritional yeast and sea salt is just amazing! Tear kale into pieces, avoiding the tough inner stalk. Place kale on sheet in a single layer and spray tops with canola oil. When I’m baking my little heart out for Thanksgiving this week, I think this will be on the lunch list, you know, to balance out all the pumpkin cookies and pecan pie bars I might have to taste test. (it’s on my Christmas list) I have a few vegan items I will be trying to tempt my family with this Thanksgiving, consider this one added! She also does a lot to empower the community on food. Lori Reply Made this today for a Thanksgiving/Birthday party – and it all went!I think I’ll let them dry for four or five hours while I go to the store and track down kale and pecans. I’m psyched about the Dallas location; my parents live there and I could totally see it being the first place we hit up next time I visit.Reply I realize this is an old post, and you may not see it.He then sheepishly gulped it down without complaint, and I’ve reveled in my victory ever since.) Reply I love shredding or finely chopping kale for salads–it really does much better than in a more “leafy” form.I’ve been working on converting my boyfriend to the idea of raw kale, this recipe should certainly help! I didn’t see anything in the directions about soaking anything. #2 I have not had dinosaur kale and i am not even sure if i can get it where i live. Will that work and what is the difference in taste? I am the only plant strong person in my family so i need to be prepared for Thanksgiving. I have to say that neither my husband or I care for raw kale, not even in our smoothies. I eat salad everyday for lunch, so I’m always looking for new ideas and inspiration to keep me out of a salad rut. I actually have this site as a task reminder once a week to look for recipes for my upcoming menus!

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I love their hodge-podge, chill out feel (and the food, of course :) ) Reply This looks amazing!

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