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This y car Hmonon W led th« cities e Ulmiiif mw itodnti with twenty freahmen, Prtno M M. Fire man, Kanichi, Hlga, Yoshihani Ogata, Hiroshi J. Mlanha, hare cants from Hawaii, The first two freshmen and the last three named entered as Strange facer became familiar faces at the Faculty-Freshman get together on Monday night.Sally elalma the distinction of coming farthest hi the United States. The library, in which we expect to spend many work- ing hoars, was tho playroom for the evening.Shafer is advisor of KFS and International Relations Group. r » Officers at Lutheran Stoutonia Staff Asks For All Interested The staff of The Stoutonia re- quests all students interested in -school newspaper work to re- port at the Stoutonia staff meet- ing to be held Tuesday evening at seven o’clock sharp in the Stoutonia office located in the Print Shop in the Industrial Ed- ucation building.

Orplieimi W elcome Students FRIDAY S SATURDAY BETWEEN TWO WOMEN Hymns — that fellow's Hearse — that girl’s Sang — was submerged Lips — jumji H Expanse — cost. If you will give us the co- operation that we know you can, we can soon have a paper. Most high school ac- tivity leaders frown on see- ing two girls dancing to- gether at a school dance. 1937 THE STOUTONIA “Stout-Hearted Men’ To Keep Up Good Appearance Come To The • Nesser Barber Shop Across from Schools on Main Snooper In Our Library Here’s to the men who are Stout- Hearted men , Who will fight for the right we adore! ■ ~ She has to the best of my know- ledge, absolutely no idea of her own op any subject, except you. (By Bruce Antrim) The Years, by Virginia Woolf An absorbing, unusual novel trac- ing the careers of an Khglish family tnru the vicissitudes of a lifetime, rich in color, human interest, and excellent character analysis. shoulder to shoulder, and bolder and bolder For Stout we will shout ever-more! Both sexes are represented; a variety of news should be obtained that will interest to both. hone 480 527 12th w 25, the Blue Devil squad, accompanied by Coach Crawford and Ast.TAXI and AUTO LIVERY THERE MUST BE Menomonie Greenhouse School Suppl Cara Nome Toilet Line Marvelous Toilet Line Krank Toilet Line Birthday Cards Special on Dr. Shafer did not go to Columbia to take ad- vanced studies. Let’s have a little more support out there and especially from you transfers. Delivery Service — Phone 597 On Broadway The sports staff sure got a going over for that schedule that was in last weeks edition. AUTUMN TIME IS FACIAL TIME Phone 255 Vanity [Beauty Salon We note Dr. SKIT-Shorts and SKIT-Suits by Munsingwear provide three big aids to comfort and fit: 1 — No-gap buttonless fly. and Bassler, quarterback; Miller and Murphy, right halfback; Bolduc and Alt, left halfback; Hansen and Bailey, fullback. Store STOUT CO-EDS You Are Welcome To Visit MILADY'S SHOPPE Broadway BOB OLSON, Rep.,— Lynwood Hall— Room 17 Something New In Phone 205 Over First National Bank Next To H. Arrangements je all ready being formulated under |e advisors, Dr. bn Woerth, in order to make this nference the biggest and most suc- ssful of any which have been held previous years.West- Tooth Brush and Calox Tooth Powder In an article appearing in la«t week’s Stoutonia there appeared an article pertaining to Dr. He worked under the famous historian, Carlton Hayes, and incidentally Arthur Garfield Hayes was not a famous historian as stated. Shafer held the position of in- structor while at Columbia. Shafer did not write- several magazine articles,, but she and hei Let Us Put Clothes In Shape Alter Being Packed In TRUNKS L. We Serve Good Dinners and Lunches QUALITY CLEANING PRESSING AND REPAIRING FLOYD ANDERSRON Third St. Shafer is back watching the boys workout and also getting his share of work- outs. Come In And See The Latest Creations at Prices To Suit Your Budget Across from The Orpheum In The Anderson Bldg. Beckman will be out of this weeks game with an injured spine, Sprieter has been lost to the squad indefinitely because of the recurrence ofan old injury, and Ray Hanke has left school to work in Racine. Friday, October 1 Lutheran Student Olympics Saturday October 2 Band all-school dance.Then too, keep a little cor- ner of your brain to be \ased for small pieces of advice you will occasionally hear from older students jernd fac- ( ulty. ” ~ “Just a student tour,’’ I soothed him, ami in no time st all we were off too offer our services as tourists to Prexy Neubaucr. • v f JOW “What the steel hoops bound toge- ther Monday night at the mlxo* may by the caprice of fated hi hound toge- ther by other ties as tj»e month* go MARION COFFEE SHOP WEDNESDAY, — SURPRISE N1TE AS GOOD AS MARRIED John Bolos and Dari* Nolan Mat. SATURDAY, SUNDAY BORN Welcome BARGAIN MONDAY, SEPT, 20 FLY AWAY BABY Students Haro Lb What You Can Oat At . 11 FOSS BAKERY Uottiody and Novelty 10c & 15c TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. In the slot will release #- nough Ink (or a fountain pen filling. Bvbinoon John Wayha, Belt* Davis To All Stout Students , Freezer Whipped Malted* Sherbets Hoo. Sn nul l What with the cooler Weather ami e Influx of frwthtrifcn tha campus la •oner tftan it h aa been iot «a*y ’Dime fly-pb at Midland 0 presented at 1 remainder of Friday* 3pt IT, 1117 Modern Building— Its Nature, Prob- lems and Forms by Walter C. Carryl, Mariorr Dorothy Clement, Audrey Marlon Curtis, Elizabeth Joyce Dillon, Harriet Docker, Margaret. COOPERATION Every year we hear criti- cism, "beefing," and compli- ments about almost every school activity. As of last year, this year again we are "blessed" with abundant material for - a staff.They have been; through tho ’’mill" you are just entering* and truly know "what it's all about." Most of the others at Stout have found out that one never gets more out of anything than he uts into “Bozzie,” informed the Jolly Old Woolgatherer, eyeing my string of ties, “The Frosh are traveling in bunches. WELCOME To Make That Grade And Keep Yourself Fit MENOMONIE Freshmen DAN'S EAT CABIN Upperclassmen Will Do Their Bit THOUGHTS IN H. CORRIDOR — 1 wonder what is ■ Ruth Lange’s nick-name ? Beh Miller, Robert Roy Mitbhall, William Robert Moe, Clifford J, rendt. It is up to those in- dividuals to prove their worth within several weeks or "seek success in other fields . we should be able to give the students and faculty of The Stout Institute sufficient news coverage and also nu- merous) enjoyable features As in any other field, we are not able to accomplish such a venture alone. A shipment of Wood Plaques in a varisty ol subjects, styles and prices.

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At Stout, most everyone frowns on seeing girls danc- ing together at any school dance. Cheer for the name that has brougt us our fame As we loyally march to the fore! My soul and simple reason for los- ing her is that she w r ent away to school. When the rafters ring it’s with a true Stout-Hearted plan! The Milwaukee Journal Branch Agency For I Daily & Sunday— Del. Coach Allen, will journey to Northfield, Minn, where they will meet the St. Approximately twenty-two mem- bers of the Blue Deliv squad will make this trip.

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