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Geek Guide to Getting it On(line): Time for Cybersex Now you've enticed her, here's how to keep her coming back for more.Thanks to me, you've learned how to select the right woman online and reel her in with some of the best lines ever. How you go about cybersex depends on several variables, including how much time participants can spend, how much privacy everyone has, and each person's individual preferences.I'm not going to pass any judgment or tell you what to do or not to do.I only want to say that it happens and you are not immune.As long as you say what you're imagining, you'll do fine.The power of "mmmm" OK, those are the basics; now here's an advanced trick.Step one: Know your opponent How to tell if she's a she Part of the charm of chat is the freedom to be whoever you want to be.You can pretend to be a 19-year-old straight woman, a millionaire, a movie star, or all three.

So how do you know whether HOTBLONDE23 is indeed who she says she is? Poor deluded Cyrano never needed young Christian's beauty to capture Roxanne's kisses.(Works both ways -- if she's suddenly screaming "AKL; DQADAJ BLK; JFDAKLJ; DF ; DFKJL; F" at you, you know you're da bomb.) By the way, avoid doing this. But one not-so-obvious warning does apply to cybersex: Be aware of the potential for addiction and emotional trauma.Writing and sex are among the most intimate connections we can forge, and many real-world relationships have fallen apart because one or both parties fell in love over the Internet. Men also fall hard and vow to leave their families to travel across the country to be with their one true love.Pay attention to her cues and you'll soon figure out whether she wants you to write about the vanilla scent of her hair or the ocean scent of her naughty bits.When both of you extend your story beyond basic actions, you can create a scene hot enough to keep you aroused even if you have to pause your lap action to type.

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Pay attention if you start avoiding work, family, and social obligations to be online in the hope she'll log on.

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