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Enter the "Class Action Lawsuits" supposedly designed to help the lowly mineral owner recoup their money from the big-bad oil companies.

I'm not a fan of class actions either though because in most cases the main beneficiaries are the attorneys, the oil company, and perhaps the lead plaintiff claiming to represent the mineral owners rather than the mineral owners themselves (who often get pennies-on-the-dollar compared to what they are actually owed).

Royalty is cost-free (supposedly) while participating is not, and is certainly not something for novices to do. I looked up a few example forms and none had that wording.

They usually stated \"from here and in the future\" or something similar.

We sold 25 acres and retained the mineral rights with the following wording.

We contacted the Corporation Commission and they sent letter to plug or produce. Today we receive a check for for shut in royalty. Depending on what your lease says (were shut-in payments made on time as called for in lease etc?The remaining 1/2 mineral interest conveyed w/o warranty.(No production occurred between 19.)\n In 1941, they conveyed that land, with a deed that specifies \"It is agreed and understood that only a one-half interest in the minerals in and under the above described land is hereby conveyed.\"\n In 1944, the brother and his wife conveyed 13.5 acres to another relative (their son, we believe) with no mention of minerals.They are asking you to "assign" your right to drill over to them by signing an oil and gas lease, and in return they give you a signing bonus as well as a share of the royalty (1/8, 3/16 etc.) of any wells that are drilled.Participating in the well is not something you want to do. "Mick" Scott CMM, RPL The Mineral Hub I received a contract for a few acres I am selling and there is a sentence that seems confusing in what it grants to the buyer.\n It reads: \"Grantee shall have, receive....bonuses, rents, royalties, production payments, or monies of any nature, which may accrue in the past or future under the terms of said lease insofar as it covers the above described land, precisely as if the Grantee herein had been at the date of making of said lease...\"\n\n Does the \"which may accrue in the past or future\" require that any bonuses or royalty payments I received previously will be made payable to the buyer?

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