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In the event that there are humans (AKA "Nude Primates"), they will be just another species, and I generally portray them as being more ape-like in behavior, and not close to as "varied" as they are IRL (because, after all, there are now different species to take over niches, no need for humans to adapt)But assuming we assume they "came into existence" (OUR existence, anyhow. Basically, one species start the evolutionary process, and so, every other species have to evolve in roughly the same way to keep up the race for survival (which is only an acceptable theory since my stories have an overlying theme of Destiny, though it might be invisible to everyone but me (even now that I have mentioned it)). Are they received poorly and discriminated against? :3In all my stories where furries exist, I always portray it as a forced evolution.When I think of a world with furries, I usually go with the concept of animals being genetically conjoined with human traits while in the embryo, or something probably scientfically unpossible like that.I'm a highly experimental writer, usually just in poetry, but this spills over into my writing and roleplaying often, and when it does, results are either disastrous or great.

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