Ajax reorderlist not updating

Ajax reorderlist not updating

Other UI hacks to consider would be to use one of those modal updating overlays to lock the UI until the update is complete.

What you are probably running into is the fact that ASP.

Typically the killer is View State -- it looks like you are sending 200kb with each request. I use the 'Net' tab in Fire Bug and first cleared all request listings, then I reorder an item here, and I'm only seeing 375B of data being passed to the server.Which has to get to the server, get deserialized and processed and then get returned from the server for ASP. A faster server might help a bit, but there is a reason that serious, web 2.0 ajaxy stuff isn't done using ASP. Were you using a different method than this to see over 200K of data?What I found was that, even though I'm passing the same amount of data in the AJAX request when reordering a sheet (local vs prod), the total time to receive the response was .434 seconds locally, but 6.25 seconds on the production server.My first instinct it to say that it is a problem with the control, but the fact that I only see the problem in a shared hosting environment makes me thing otherwise.The code being executed on reorder is pretty simple, I call a BLL method to reorder my items in the database: You can see the effect here.

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I am using the Reorder List control from the AJAX Control Toolkit on my fantasy cheat sheet creation site. It appears I am running into some concurrency issues if I try to reorder records too quickly.

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