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Jesus came to me and said, ‘Here I am.'” “It felt so real.I didn’t know what to make of it,” Powers explains in Christianity Today.So I didn’t really have any interest in it.” Powers encountered Christians only in the news cycle, and didn’t feel she was missing much because “inevitably they were saying something about gay people or feminists.” “So when I began dating a man who was into Jesus,” she writes, “I was not looking for God. He’s crazy.” When Kirsten responded in the negative, her boyfriend then asked, “Do you think you could ever believe it? I remember thinking, What if this is true, and I’m not even willing to consider it?In fact, the week before I met him, a friend had asked me if I had any deal breakers in dating. ” He was looking to get married, possibly to Kirsten, but stressed he couldn’t tie the knot with a non-Christian. I derided Christians as anti-intellectual bigots who were too weak to face the reality that there is no rhyme or reason to the world. ” Her curiosity got the best of her, and a few weeks later, she attended church with him.My response: ‘Just nobody who is religious.'” A few months into their relationship, her boyfriend asked her point blank on her couch in New York City, “Do you believe Jesus is your Savior? “I said I didn’t want to mislead him – that I would never believe in Jesus,” says Powers. I had found this man’s church attendance an oddity to overlook, not a point in his favor.” Powers admits feeling a conflict growing inside her as her boyfriend continued to talk. “But I told him up front: I’ll never become a Christian.“Then he said the magic words for a liberal: ‘Do you think you could keep an open mind about it? It’s never gonna happen.” “I was so clueless about Christianity that I didn’t know that some Presbyterians were evangelicals.

Find out God’s spectacular destiny for you that most churches never like to mention in the best-sellers “The Divine Secret” and “Shocked by the Bible,” both personally autographed!“So I really got even more deeply into just an incredibly secular world.Now all my friends were basically atheists, or if they had any kind of spirituality, they were very hostile toward religion, Christianity in particular.“I called my boyfriend, but before I had time to tell him about it, he told me he had been praying the night before and felt we were supposed to break up. Honestly, while I was upset, I was more traumatized by Jesus visiting me.“I tried to write off the experience as misfiring synapses, but I couldn’t shake it.

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“I had never heard a pastor talk about the things he did, she says, explaining the message “was intellectually rigorous, weaving in art and history and philosophy. Soon, hearing Keller speak on Sunday became the highlight of my week.

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