Beminnen dating ji friend

Beminnen dating ji friend

Looking at the political situation in Congo wright now, it isn't an environment where I would like have been grown up and not at all in those old colonial days back then.

The country has seen a lot of his rural people who went to live in cities and in some areas foreign colonial policies go hand in hand with the new Congolese elite, hand in hand with private armies battling for the resources and commiting criminal acts.

Once you start building a home, and have a responsibility for a wife and children, then it is not so obvious of changing work.

And if the work you are doing isn't pleasing you, then you are being pushed by circumstances to change your life...otherwise one ends up like people drinking to much because they do not like their work..because their wife loves somebody else.

Both my father and his brother in law, the father of the nieces have the same first name.

So why was I not born in Congo and why I was not born in the USA like in the ' Bruce Sringsteen'-song ?

I passed an exam with 9OOO people and they needed only 900.

It was an essay about free time and I defended a kind of society which wasn't based on working like mad, day in day out and how people could benefit from this in their personal development.

Because of fewer employment the State employed a lot of people and I was one of them and I really wanted to work, but I wanted to have a work with a real social function.He sometimes, like other workers said to me "I hope you will not follow in the footsteps of your father, who works to hard".Like some older workers who had spent their life in the mine, I thought the good for a growing boy to learn how to work hard, but there is a difference between working and child labor.Coming from a village in Belgium which had lost one out of six people in the war, with a mother who was hit by a piece of a wondering bomb, I have always hated war; but who would have taught that other wars of another kind, lay ahead of me ?I was young and wanted a girl and a family, children which I indeed could talk more with about life, than I and my father did.

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It wasn't meant to be that I at this moment, am not a fruit cultivator or fruit trader.

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