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Drg Help RG4N Stop Walmart- Donate at RG4(itvwide Walmart Boycott Still In Effect ELECTRONICS Dell Optip Eex GX270 Computer Package 2.6GHZ 1GB-RM 40GB-HD 19" MONITOR, KEYBOARD, & MOUSE CDRW WINDOWS XP PRO PRELOAD ED 40GB IDE Hard Disk Dell Optiplex GX1QO 566MHIZ 64MB 10B WINDOWS 9BSE PRELOADED Philips Home Entertainment Surge Protector Dell Latitude D600 PENTIUM M 1.4GHZ 256MB 30GB WINDOWS XP PRO WIRELESS Dell Laptop Carrying Case DELL LAPTOP & PC REPAIR Laptop LCDs From 14? Sale prices have never been better in Austin on the new CX-7.

Inskled, Laptop Keyboards 149 installed, 5pyw are Removed, Windows Reloaded; 14 Hour Tum ftrouid Available, ftos: Repairs Just S49, 459-C026 Ext. For example, the Sport Model will start at ,845, the Touring model will start at ,560 and the Grand Touring Model will start at ,360. With ,500 off MSRP and a 5-Star Safety Rating (based on frontal and/or side and/or rollover ratings found at you’re sure to be impressed. “Editor’s Most Wanted SUV under ,000” Seven passengers... With unprecedented spaciousness, safety and style, the all-new CX-9 brings cross-over fun to the family vehicle. BRENTLY HEILBRON The former “Best of Austin” comic returns for his first show here in five years, working a PT.

Contact Kate Messer at the intern hotline, 454-5765 x303. I.-TLi'n The Austin Chronicle (ISSN: 1074-0740) is published by The Austin Chronicle Corporation weekly 52 times per year at 4000 N. It’s time to remind people yet again: We did not decide to build what worked in Dallas; Portland, Ore.; Denver; Salt Lake City; Houston; and Minneapolis (light-rail or what we would have built in 2000 and should have tried again in 2004). There are good jokes, bad jokes, moments of dull obscen- ity, and times of hilarious brilliance.

What we’re building instead was what failed in South Florida - a transit alternative that is utterly noncompetitive with the car and will continue to serve only the transit-dependent at an incredibly high cost while derailing transit momentum for decades.

Devrah Otten [Editor’s response: Our policy is not to censor letters , as they reflect readers’ opinions and not ours, and we try to publish every negative letter we receive. Fortunately, there is a bill in Congress that would provide not-for-profit universal health care for all Americans - the same kind politicians and the military enjoy. WE FINANCE ALL CREDIT SITUATIONS, LOOK FOR THE RED BARN AT SLAUGHTER & SOUTH FIRST. Ripped-from-the-headlines events turned into comedy gold! Featuring Shaun Wainwright-Branigan, Cindy Wood, Ted Meredith, and Donnie Loa.

(They are privileged over positive or complimentary letters.)] Support Health-Care Legislation Dear Editor, The debate over universal health care, resur- facing since the release of Sicko, has largely been marginalized by HMOs and their influence over the media. TEXAS' OLDEST DEALERSHIP 20 '• 2002 VW BEATLE GLS STORE CONSOLIDATION SALE AUSTIN mi T Habitat for Humanity Re Store We’re closing our 7434 North Lamar Restore and offering even lower prices on gently used building materials. by TOM TOMORROW FOR SOME REASON SHE DIDN'T WANT TO WAIT... Esther’s Follies: World Gone Wild The most popular troupe in town returns with their riotous musical send-ups of local and national politics and cultural phenomena, making already hot topics burn with a bright comic intensity, with the incredible and - a/7 a/7 a/7 - spicy illusions of master magician Ray Anderson. With musical guests Steven Baranowski and DJ Michael Corley.

I don’t see how it’s that different from a bus, which we already have in town. One band member occasionally smokes the left-handeds; the rest of the band does not, nor is it suggested lyrically. While some people may 'Page Two' will return next week. We failed to give credit where credit was due in last week’s “Naked City” - starting with the photo of Luci Baines Johnson on p.15, which should have been credited to Jana Birchum, followed by a photo of a biofueled bus, p.20, which should have been credited to John Anderson ( gyrobase/lssue/story? You have taken a very brave step, and I look forward to hearing more about your journey to better health in the future! Here in Texas, nearly one out of four people are without health insurance. If Texans have a prayer of changing these statis- tics, the impetus will have to start in Austin. Utilizing state-of-the-art lasers with experienced, licensed technicians SAFE • EFFECTIVE FREE CONSULTATIONS 512. Lamar behind Kerbey Lane Cafe uufl Einance HUGE SELECTION of PRE-OWNED VEHICLES PRICED TO MOVE! Late Night Skinny Dip Join the infamous Esther’s Follies after-hours crew for an adults- only hour packed with comedy and music bluer than their usual shade of “family” offerings. S." makes refusing to investigate the pos- sibility that it was allowed to happen seem kind of silly, and the Manchukuo Incident and the Reichstag fire show that inside jobs can happen. Using the most special generation's opposition to war in Vietnam to allege their hypersensitiv- ity to corruption is somewhat dubious, given the role of the Gulf of Tonkin “incident" in both building support for the war and grabbing uncon- stitutional war power for the executive branch. Forget the days of the boxy, lumbering SUV - the CX-9 has a head-turning sleek exterior. Barnum style that features a battle royal with the melon-smashing suicidal ghost of comedy past. But don’t overlook its interior: with class- leading first, second and third row seating the CX-9 has room for 7 with innovative details at every turn. Front- or all-wheel drive is managed by a well-sorted six-speed automatic trans- mission with shifts that are smooth and positive.

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It is ironic after the recent passing of Lady Bird Johnson and the spotlight on the significant value of opening up our Town Lake to Austin’s citizens, that an end around like this can come to pass.

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