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In primary school, children begin to be aware of sexual activity, and their reaction tends to be mild aversion: things like kissing are considered “gross” (with the exception of parents—we hope).Jokes begin to develop around sexual humor, and kids will laugh (and sing songs) about who likes whom.The teacher’s basic messages were: “Listen to your conscience—and don’t engage in dares that make you go against that voice,” “Boys and girls can be friends,” “Kids should not be kissing anybody but family members,” and “Talk to an adult if you ever feel scared, nervous, or uncomfortable.” We can learn a lot from the way the teacher handled this situation.We have to recognize that our kids face challenges and pressures at school that we may find difficult to imagine.With their friends, children in primary grades may partake in games in which they “play house,” taking on identities as “mommies” or “daddies.” These games often recreate perceived gender stereotypes—the man goes to work while the woman stays home with the children or cooks the dinner.You may want to observe this play and use it as an opportunity to point out that many women also go to work, and men also take care of children, cook, and clean.

The more we stay aware of the pressures our children face from their peers, the more we can equip them with the tools to explore their sexuality in a healthy and values-rich way.Typically it is the male that has SOME level of sexual/romantic interest in the female. When we drop our kids off at the school’s front gates or wave good-bye to them at the bus stop, we hope that the main event is the three Rs, but we know that reading, writing, and arithmetic are not the only kinds of education kids get at school.In primary grades, kids learn to follow rules and develop discipline, especially through sports.Their growing bodies allow them for the first time to demonstrate strength and grace.

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Children at this age begin to develop stronger friendships and often develop best friends.

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