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Brazilians on the other hand are offended by Americans’ cold demeanor and lack of personal attachment.The key here is to be able to understand and respect each side and try to find common ground.2- Dress code in Brazil is an indicator of status and success In Brazil you can tell if a person is at a managerial level by how they dress.The higher the occupation the more dressed up the person will be.After working for a large American corporation for almost ten years I have observed an array of differences between Brazilians and Americans when it comes to work.In the end, there is no right or wrong but there are things that simply won’t work in one country whereas it’s the norm in another.3- Corporate Brazil is more hierarchical than the U. There is a level of separation that is simply a part of the culture.Higher level executives don’t usually blend in with lower level employees and it’s still very common for employees to address executives as Mr. Higher level executives can also be called “doutor” or doctor even though they are not real doctors or don’t have a Ph D.

The key for men and women is to wear clothes made out of good material and many times made by famous designers. In America, a lot of companies have adopted the business casual look which in many circumstances may mean wearing jeans and showing personality through clothing. In some big cities like New York it is more common to see men and women in suits but this is definitely not the norm for most companies. Even though people work together and have closer relationships, employees don’t usually question their managers.No theory or guide compares to the experience of living “full time” in another country.I learned that only when we face adversity, and live in a diverse environment every day, we are able to really understand the culture of a country and even better, learn more about our own country and culture.Again, the ultimate goal is to get the work done and title can get in the way.Companies who fall under a more corporate and not so laid back environment respect hierarchy but not to the extent you will see in Brazil.

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In America, group work tends to be divided amongst the team members.

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