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“Many of the main characters you don’t meet until four hours in, and lots of things were really against the design of how most ‘television’ works,” Ms. “We wanted to construct something that was more like a delicious mystery novel.” That flexibility allowed Marling and Batmanglij to write a show in which experimental narrative was important not just to the frame of the show — but to its content, too.

Brit Marling’s eyebrows knot in fury and, for a second, it looks as though she might even cry, right here in Café Med, a busy Italian restaurant in Los Angeles.

She’s confident but not brash, self-effacing but not disingenuously so.

Two years later, in 2011, she became the first woman to have not one but two films being premiered in the same year at the Sundance Film Festival, both of which she had co-written, produced and starred in.

In the psychological thriller Sound of My Voice two documentary makers attempt to expose a cult leader (played by Marling), while in Another Earth, which was the bigger commercial success, she played a woman who causes a tragic accident on the night an identical version of our planet appears in the sky. All of which makes her decision to star in Babylon, a six-part comedy drama for Channel 4, more extraordinary.

And the chance to work with the Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle doesn’t come round often.

Babylon marks Boyle’s return to televisi0n after a 12-year break.

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The premise of “The OA,” which debuts today on Netflix, is irresistible: A blind woman, gone missing from her suburban town seven years ago, suddenly returns with her sight restored.

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