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Calleigh eric still dating

Note that I've taken dialogue from the episode to start this out.Opening dialogue is not mine and I don't claim it as original. It might not float your boat, but in all honesty, they are a likely pairing, even if it's not the direction you think the show is going. (tm sorkin)I agree that chemistry is not the eye of the beholder. That's why I'm asking for examples cause maybe I've missed something. If I knew Beckinsale personally, I'd have taken her for a beer a long time ago.Basically, I just thought I would let you know that although there is nothing wrong with not supporting a pairing, there is no reason to be so unjustly dead set against it. It's either there, or it's not, but people can never really be totally objective. That's why this world has gone to hell, cause people don't try to understand each other anymore. It's the people who are hypocritical that I have no respect for.

I am willing to offer 'proof' or further explaination if something I said wasn't clear, and I hope that this post didn't come across as defensive..wanted to throw my two cents in here. Trying to debate with them is like trying to potty train a 2 year old.

"As soon as Calleigh knew, she wanted to hit him, she wanted to kill him, she wanted to be a part of his life for as long as she possibly could…but, goddammit, she needed to see him.

She was beyond pissed, hell, she could shoot him without even thinking about it, but she needed to see him." Calleigh and Horatio have been making circles around each other for years..Ryan's noticed."Horatio stepped onto the scene, taking off his sunglasses, and looked down at her and smiled. Part one "As Good As He Once Was" = Chapters 1-35 (complete)Part two "Every Mile A Memory" = Chapters 36 - 73 (complete) Continuing the story of Horatio and Mac as partners in Miami, focusing on the (altered) events of season 7 and possibly season 8. There's a reason that Frank calls Ryan "dust monkey" and it's not just to annoy him.

A guy like Horatio NEEDS someone cheerful to brighten his life. Although they might be one possiblily (even if I personally can't agree), they aren't the only possiblilty, and if for no other reason then to appreciate other people's exploration of the show, you should be able to at least respect the ideas and reasons of the people who support even the most unlikely of pairings I also find it interesting that you mention a lack of proof, or ask for stronger arguments..a stronger argument to what? The chemistry I see between Horatio and Calleigh is completely non-sexual.

It’s not as though she’s miss sunshine 24 hours a day. I’ve never said Calleigh will sit home on a Friday evening, but “Innocent” proved that she isn’t a wild child. If I feel that H/C makes sense, what more proof do you need? That doesn't mean I'm not listening to you or understanding what you're saying - I'm doing all three at the same time. They're friends, they've known each other for a while. I said in my post I do see chemistry between them, just not romantic chemistry.

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What is it about these two that makes people believe they're attracted to each other? Her best friend Janet didn't seem like the 'bookworm' type, quite the opposite. They make each other laugh, they're already close friends, but they still have a lot of potential for drama. Add the fact that he regards her as a young student, and it's just wrong. For example, Speed/Calleigh makes more sense to me. It’s been made perfectly clear in several episodes that he’s the guy that often DOESN’T call. I think for a moment there, during the first season, the writers may have wanted to explore this relationship. If it had been, I believe the writers would've explored it regardless. Clearly, the observer is the one who picks up or ignores a couples chemistry, and the great thing about having fanfiction ect.

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