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Andy has apparently forgotten all about the hit-and-run child death he was investigating. She saw Chad stealing Truman’s mail and was mildly suspicious about it.

The nasty Richard Horne will get Steven and Gersten and the armpit rash girl and her friend involved in his drugs deal with the sinister Red.

Or maybe Jim Belushi will unzip his head and reveal that he’s really been Monica Bellucci all along. Leo Johnson’s skeleton will be found in a lonely cabin, clutching a rope between his teeth.

The Deer Park deputy Bobby shot and buried in the woods in FIRE WALK WITH ME will be uncovered by animal activity.

Well, we haven’t seen him and his girlfriend and the tuba for about a month, so I think they’ll be back.

I expect we’ll see him blast a few follow-up orbs at us, perhaps containing the effulgent faces of Dick Tremayne, Dwayne Mibbler and that guy with the plaster-of-paris nose mask.

A heartwarming scene showing what the woodsmen get up to when they’re not busy being terrifying.

You can’t have the remarkably spry Don Murray as an ex-boxer with a poorly-Photoshopped poster and then not have him punch anybody. Then he can Skype Doc Hayward and get him to come over and fix Chad’s face before he’s hauled off by the Feds.

Also, Jerry Horne, stoned out of his mind and lost in the woods, will blunder in at an inopportune moment. Benjamin Horne announced his intention of taking his new secretary Beverly to dinner, but we didn’t see it.

Maybe he’ll fall in the pit they’ve dug for Dirty Cooper. It’ll happen this week, with no explanation for the delay. Remember in series 1 he nearly had sex with Audrey.

Posted in FILM, Television with tags Billy Ray Cyrus, Candy Clark, David Lynch, Don Murray, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jim Belushi, Mark Frost, Matthew Lillard, Monica Bellucci, Tim Roth, Tom Sizemore, Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With me on July 29, 2017 by dcairns I’ve been enjoying all the Twin Peaks recaps, including my friend Keith Uhlich’s on The Notebook.

And listening religiously to Diane, for my money THE podcast on the subject.

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Tim Roth and Jennifer Jason Leigh are going to do some terrible things to Warden Murphy.

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