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Chat adult naughty spank

This time you can push your tongue deeper into your partner’s mouth.

Then alternate the French kiss with a lip lock for a couple of times and finally end it with a few smooches.

On his arrival I told him to crawl to my bedroom and change into his slut clothes once he was dressed i told him to get on his hands a knee and crawl to my mirror and see what he looked like and get his cock out and wank it I shouted at him to come to me and lick my clit till I came hard, I made him clean the bathroom and wash up but seeing he did not do a good job I bent him over and whooped his arse with my paddle and whip all the time tell him he was a waste of time then told him to get dressed and leave I had enough of him and he did I smiled to myself know the Mistress in me still could be a bitch 😘 So I had to call out the plumber today as my radiator was leaking and his prices seemed ok , but at the same time he was due to come I had a gentleman on the way and wanted me dressed as his secretary you know short skirt, see through blouse and stocking and heels , When the door bell rang I thought it could be my gentleman nope it was the plumber so what could I do but open the door he was a bit taken back but soon got over his shock , The radiator was in the bedroom I left him to it while I got him a drink but silly me tripped as I came back in and some of the water went over him so I offered to dry his shirt, Omg what a body he had and it looked like my gentleman was not going to show so I flirted a bit and wow he was naked in minutes and had me on my knees sucking his cock which was very large I then asked him if he would fuck me which he did so condom firm on his big cock he turned me round and fucked me hard my feet nearly lifting of the ground then finished fixing my rad and left Oh I do love a good role play with a gentleman I love to french kiss or just have a good old snog Once you make contact for a kiss, open your mouth and brush your tongue against your partner’s lips.

Not that there’s really ever a bad time to stumble into Chat ‘n’ Chill.

Six weeks after we started dating, I told Emily my secret.

We were in bed, still in those heady, lust-filled days of a new relationship.

It’s all ramshackle in all the best ways – a scoundrel atop every bar stool, all manner of discarded clothing hanging from the rafters, strong drinks in every glass, booming laughs breaking through an over-amped decidedly Bahamian soundtrack, and not one ego in the place.

Yeah, I LOVED Chat ‘n’ Chill the minute I spied it from the ferry I hopped in George Town just a five-minute ride away.

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I made him stand in front of me and pull down his trousers and bend over my knee I started with ten nice hard whacks and a few more and then made him bend over the chair and used my lovely paddle till his butt cheeks where nice and red with a lovely glow But I new he really wanted to finish by having six of the best with my cane so I'm not one to say no to giving some one a telling off With all my arm swing I gave him a god six After I had finished punishing the naughty boy we lay on the bed for a cuddle but I did tell him he had to wank him self of for my pleasure while I played with my magic wand .

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