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The long eastern sector, about 3 miles (5 km), contained six gates; the southern sector, 2,624 feet (800 metres), contained only one, the Ashur Gate; the western sector, about 2.5 miles (4 km), had five gates; the northern sector, about 1.2 miles (1.9 km), three gates, , Nergal, and Sin.Several of these entrances are known to have been faced with stone colossi (lamassu).The library contains a mass of information about the ancient world and will exercise scholars for generations to come.Fourteen years after the death of Ashurbanipal, however, Nineveh suffered a defeat from which it never recovered.It was then proved that more than four-fifths of this great accumulation is prehistoric.

The Adad Gate contained many inscribed tiles, and what may prove to be the Sin Gate contained a corridor that led through an arched doorway into a ramp or stairwell giving access to the battlements.

The internal plan of the gate includes six great chambers lined with uncarved orthostats (upright slabs), which were discovered by Layard and Rassam.

Archaeologists also have been active within the (Acropolis).

Their typology conforms exactly with that of Uruk (, and technologically this district of the Tigris had much in common with the cities of the lower Euphrates valley at this period.

This similarity is of particular interest because it indicates that sometime before 3000 was similar to that used at Sumerian sites; to approximately the same period belongs a series of attractively painted and incised ware known as Ninevite V, which is a home product distinct from that of the south. The hypothesis for the earlier period seems preferable, for metalwork advanced more rapidly in style in Mesopotamia at that period than did stone sculpture, and it is known from inscriptions that Sargon’s second son, fresh streets and squares and built within it the famous “palace without a rival,” the plan of which has been mostly recovered and has overall dimensions of about 600 by 630 feet (180 by 190 metres).

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The wall was faced with limestone and surmounted by a crenellated parapet, behind which ran a defense causeway.

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