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Your mom's minivan is all packed up and you're off to tackle your freshman year of college!

But you're still in love (or in contented lust that you think is love) with your prom queen -- so she's either heading to State with you, or going to film school in California and you're committing to an LDR.

Because even with 30,000 new people on campus to meet, you're happy with what you already know and like. Some people really do marry their high school sweetheart and the relationship is happy and healthy.

Weber calls this model a "shared identity" -- meaning each partner is their own person, but they're open and willing to share and compromise for the sake of the union.

There's a sense of maturity that goes along with this commitment.

And when it all works out, cheers to them on their happily ever after and for never having to endure a terrible Tinder date.

Congrats on your acceptance to Insert Here University!

The negative here is this: "You can experience passion, connection, and deep admiration in a college relationship," explains Weber, "but young people often confuse love with sex, and lust with intimacy." Settling too quickly can lead to an unfulfilling long-term relationship, or getting your heart broken.

"Post-college, a majority of students want to explore and get to know more people," says Weber.

"They want to graduate, see the world, and feel the sense of freedom attached to it.

There are some students who just aren't into the dating game.

They'd rather put their time and energy into academics, athletics, and fostering platonic friendships.

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Couples who settle down early risk feeling bored with the relationship and life -- and that's when one or both partners look elsewhere for emotional and physical exposure." If this scenario sounds familiar, then you, my friend, have a friend with benefits: a sexual relationship with no romantic commitment.

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