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Confidenceanddating com

When we know how to do something it takes the awkwardness out of it. We don’t have to rack our brains trying to figure it out, we know how to do it. This is where the simplicity of shyness reduction comes into play.

It’s not an esoteric or mysterious journey to build social confidence, it’s mostly about learning and practicing new skills.

Use a journal so you can look back on what you’ve accomplished and motivate yourself to keep moving forward.

There may not be a finish line but there are markers of progress.

Many people repeat the anti-confidence mantra “I’m shy” on a regular basis.

It’s often based on the flawed idea that this character trait is inbuilt and permanent.

According to Josh Kaufman, bestselling author of , a new skill can be learned in as little as 20 hours.

It’s not easy, but if you want it bad enough you can “get into the gym” and train your mind to see the world differently.

Especially when learning how to deal with uncomfortable emotions and the chaotic non-linear nature of socializing.

Here’s the best way to look at your journey to becoming less shy: it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

People who get hyperfocused on logistics, such as time, will often fall off the map.

They’re looking for the quick fix or magic pill which will make them feel different.

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To become confident in our social lives means we need to do the thing we lack confidence in, first.

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