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Dating 30years old ukrain

Life at that time was very hard, and young parents had to work extremely hard to earn a meager salary.Mothers could not stay at home to care for children and had to work to earn money to survive.Few countries in the world have seen as many political and social upheavals as Russia in the space of just a few years: political utopias were swept away, Russia opened to the world, for better or worse, living conditions changed.All this has profoundly influenced the character and personality of Russian citizens.

At the age of six, girls started buying bread and milk on their own and helping out with household chores while the parents were at work. This was the era of communism and the Soviet Union.Within 15 to 20 years the Russians lived through these drastic changes; some peoples’ spirits were crushed and others came out even stronger.The Russian population was split in two: on one side those who lived under communism and who were accustomed to this system, and on the other those side, those who, younger, hardly lived under this regime and are "children of perestroika."Grandparents of these women experienced the Second World War and its share of atrocities. I remember my grandfather, Nikolai, telling me about terrible military actions, especially during the two years the Germans blockaded Leningrad. Numerous women lost their husbands during the war and raised their children alone, who grew up never knowing their own father.Everyone had to be an atheist and had to fully adhere to the Communist system to become Comsomolets (“cosmomolets” were entitled to a sort of "identity card”).Children 14 years and older who were against communist ideology and / or believers were rejected by the school political committee and could not be comsomolets, which meant they were denied access to higher education and had great difficulties getting a job later on.

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