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Dating amsterdam prostitutes

Already in a City Regulation of the year 1478 “Rendez-Vous Houses” or “Meeting Houses” were mentioned.

Places where women drank with men, “to be merry and to do other things as they liked”, as a source describes it.

Young Gentry men had an initiation ritual: they took a freshman student to a Stove, where it was common for this young man, aged 16 or 17, to receive a gift: life-long Syphilis.

At a certain point the connection was discovered between prostitutes and venereal diseases (STD’s) and the City made policies to prevent or diminish it.

Did you know that some people in Amsterdam have another accent than other people in the Netherlands? Some words are completely different from the “normal” Dutch language.

As a punishment, she lost her ear at 12 November 1650 . The present day German word [bar] still refers to that heating aspect of such an Inn.

In Burgundian times which ran from the year 1377 to the year 1477, Burgundian Duke Philip of Burgundy re-introduced an old Roman tradition in his countries which included The Netherlands back then: Stoves or Bath houses. But Anthony of Burgundy went a step further introducing the Stove as a brothel and an Inn combined. Anthony was the son of Duke Philip the Good of Burgundy, who was known for his adultery and fornication.

This aquarel depicts a man in courtly garb and a king looking through a window in the year 1470, observing debauchery in the baths.

Sodomy [love between men], whores, brothels and drunkenness formed the basis of the decay in these two Biblical places. But even before the Bible, a woman called Lilith was mentioned in clay tablets.

The demon Lilith, emerged for the first time circa 3000 BC in the ancient city of Uruk, in what is now called Iraq.

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In present days, Lilith lives as much as back then.

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