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This weekly newspaper was published in Milledgeville, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and Augusta, Georgia. Some lands granted by North Carolina which fell into South Carolina were re-granted by South Carolina. The grant books are not strictly in chronological order, and many of the township grants are in separate volumes. He arrived in Charleston with three children on the Cunlif, and settled on a grant of land located on Second Creek in what is now Newberry County. The dates of the grants and the plats are included, as well as names of adjacent land owners. Hard cover, 8 x 11 size, 378 pages, indexed, facsimiles of some documents included. This volume includes many descendants of the immigrant, Johann Michael Suber/Zuber and some information on his origins in Germany. York County was formed in 1786 as a county of Camden District. These records include the Colonial Plats and Memorials of Land Titles for every land tract that is used in the maps. These records are important sources of information on early inhabitants, including; (1) dates that the land petitions were submitted to the Governor's Council; (2) survey dates; (3) grant dates; (4) chain of title on conveyances or inheritances; and (5) names of other inhabitants who are a witness or signee for the grantee. For that reason some deeds refer to lands granted by North Carolina, sometimes called "north patents." Union County borders the counties of Spartanburg, Laurens, Newberry, York, Fairfield, and Chester. While the deeds in these deed books were recorded between 18, within these deed books are instruments dating from a much earlier time, some as early as 1770. A number of soldiers died in 1815, and people from other districts in South Carolina were called on to administer their estates. The construction of roads and the road juries (sometimes called road gangs) who were to lay out and maintain the roads are spelled out in these records. Some petitions indicate migration to South Carolina from other provinces; some indicate slave holdings of low-country planters; still others give information on persons who died before their land titles could be perfected and the heirs are named. Using full page neighborhood maps of land tracts granted by the colony, it traces the settlement of the Saluda River and Little River regions from 1749-1775. Over 1200 South Carolina colonial land records are abstracted and fully cited. While it is not what we would term a county history today, it contains recollections of events and people not found elsewhere. Evans, Richard Winn, Lewis, Pickett, Gaither, Lyles, Buchanan, W. Boyce, Feaster, Coleman, Ederington, Woodward, Wright, and others. After the border surveys between the two Carolinas in 17, many lands formerly deemed to be in North Carolina fell into South Carolina. As is the case with many records, there is information included from an earlier time, sometimes many years earlier. She was born in Laurens on 29 August 1883, the daughter of William Lafayette and Sarah Louise (Dial) Gray. Lists of deeds proved and recorded are found in the court minutes, as well as lists of wills proved or administrations on intestate estates taken out. Many petitions indicate that the petitioners are foreign protestants who came on the encouragement given by South Carolina. It is the basic record of the county, containing lists of deeds proved, wills and administrations, jury lists, small court cases, etc. Soft cover, 470 pages, indexed, reprinted 2016 by Heritage Books. This volume contains abstracts of the will books for the period indicated, some of which include estates records as well. Besides the important marriage data, frequently there is other information included: age, place of nativity, residence, occupation.

Bounty grants for service in the Revolution are included in this volume. The land office re-opened after the Revolution and the state grants began to be issued in 1784.

This volume contains abstracts of all 5,000 marriage bonds issued in Mecklenburg County between 17 and marriages from the marriage register 1851-1867.

It includes abstracts of Royal Grants not on microfilm (abstracted from the original volumes at the South Carolina Archives).

Because of its former inclusion in North Carolina, it was part of the area known as the "New Acquisition." A portion of York County was taken to form Cherokee County in 1897. Names of residences from the census, church records, and other sources are included as well as businesses and institutions. These grants (over three thousand of them in this volume) were all over the state, but particularly in the newly opened areas which were later Pendleton and Greenville counties. Besides the expected notices from the Carolinas, there are notices from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia, and other states.

It was formerly part of Craven County, South Carolina, and prior to 1772 in Tryon County, North Carolina. Therefore, the memorialized records is one of the best sources for Lexington District genealogy. This is a narrative history of the town of Abbeville from its beginnings until the early twentieth century. This work by the author of Old Abbeville contains twelve chapters. Floride Bonneau Calhoun's Nephews," and "The Coming of the SAL Railroad and the Cotton Mill." Hard cover, 6 x 9 size, 284 pages. The land office re-opened after the Revolution and the state grants began to be issued. The Associate Reformed Presbyterian newspaper was published weekly in Due West, South Carolina. The notices are largely from areas where persons who belonged to the ARP denomination resided: western North Carolina (especially Rowan, Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, and adjacent counties), upper South Carolina (especially Lancaster, Chester, York, Fairfield, Newberry, Abbeville districts), Georgia, Kentucky, Tennessee (particularly Tipton County), Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas, and Virginia.

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