Dating site in tajikistan

Dating site in tajikistan

Humour is particularly used at the table during meals only when relationships are well developed.Common sense should guide your comments and questions.Always remember that gender roles are very clearly defined in the traditional Tajik family, and less so in more progressive (usually urban) families.Eye contact may be considered a challenge by some Tajik males, but this is by no means universal.It would of course be very ill-advised to make a joke about the present Tajik government in public, although Tajiks would be the first to appreciate it.

Depending on the situation, this could be disastrous or interesting.

The use of hands and body is accompanied with special facial expressions, so one can glean from the face as to what the particular body gesture may mean.

Tajiks generally speak without much consideration for how the tone and volume of their voices affect those surrounded.

Increasingly, the young generation dresses more and more like Westerners. Colleagues are addressed by their first names but supervisors are often addressed by titles such as Muallim (teacher), khujain (boss), Ustod (master), or even rais (chief, boss).

In many cases people still use the Soviet approach whereby people are addressed by using their first and middle names such as Rahim Karimovich.

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The use of Janob (Mr) or Khomun (Ms.) is quite rare and is used mostly in official meetings or in very formal occasions.

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