Divorce diva dating and love dating pett membres

Divorce diva dating and love

- Shay Williams Testimony: I am truly Thankful for you Shay!You helped me to recognize past pain, forgive those that have hurt me, be empathetic to see the reason behind their hurt, realize that I AM worthy of the love from a God fearing black man, I can be a wonderful wife and mother, I can draw great things to me from the universe and that I deserve to be happy. I would have never believed that before the end of the year I would be happily married and living in a new apartment! After the first session the darkness that was in her eyes began to lift and to my amazement by the 3rd session, she looked like a new person!She lost 40 pounds, moved into a brand new apartment and met a wonderful man who was a pastor.Although I encouraged her to wait a little longer, they dated less than a year and were married in December!I trusted her judgement because she had transformed into a new, confident woman by the end of her 6th session and I was so proud of her!The REASON that it did not work out, however, could be a red flag. You also do not know what he will have endured, gone through, suffered or overcome. Check out this show I did a few years ago with a life coach that works with divorced men.But he will be a great fit for you NOW, despite his past. LISTEN HERE And don’t forget, you are also not perfect.

I started my journey of becoming an "expert" after my divorce when after a year of no dates I was told that there was something wrong with me because I was sending out the invisible signal that I was unavailable to men. Although I knew a lot about the mechanics of attraction and the psychology of men, I didn’t really learn or understand love until I went on my internal journey of discovering who I was and what love really is.

That’s what today’s Ask Single Dating Diva is all about … Everything was great at the beginning and we were very much in love with each other. Then as the months and years went by we grew further and further apart and my happily ever after became a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from. Now, it’s not that I don’t want to meet someone new and have a relationship, but, I’m afraid of making the same mistake again.

He became verbally abusive and I suspect that he was cheating.

Using my scientific mindset of discovery, I did an experiment on myself in which I went out on over a 100 dates with over 100 men in 9 months, interviewed 3500 men, women and couples and read over 60 relationship and human behavior books. It is with this gift that I dedicate my life purpose to helping you attract a love you were created to have and deserve to experience! It was only my 3rd online date EVER (the other guys I dated wanted relationships with me but they weren't up to par, so I passed and raised the bar).

I discovered a lot of information that helped me to discover the art of dating and the mindset of a man that leads to attraction or being turned off by a woman and I learned it so well that I was able to capture the heart of any man in less than 30 days! Shortly after I got back from Atlanta, I applied your rules of "dating like a diva" and started dating online for the first time in my life. Now, Jeremy and I have been together for almost 4 months now, since Oct 8, going strong. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me; and hope you are doing great!!!

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Isn’t it easier just to put up your walls and just NOT get into another relationship? In my post “Whirlwind Romance“, I speak about a disaster of a dating relationship I had with someone – his baggage and my baggage collided into one big mess. So I will share with you what I’ve done to slowly get over it and move closer than ever to my own REAL happily ever after. This person was one thing when you met and married him and then turned Dr.

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