Do women play games dating

Do women play games dating

If their confidence hinges on your attention, then they won’t and maybe you don’t want to date that person anyway.

The telltale sign is if someone who talked a big game in person doesn’t follow up with it, just because you didn’t respond to their text. If you’re a woman and you can appreciate a gentleman, wait for a phone call.

The problem isn’t texting, the problem is texting more than talking.

This is a great way to determine what I call who is ’bout it.

If someone really likes you, they’ll text you again.

But men like to turn around and say that at least they are blatantly honest about it.

With women, on the other hand, they say, you are always floundering in the deep end.

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They wish that women would stop playing these nonsensical mind games and just tell them up front what they mean and what they should do and make it easier on the relationship and on them. For a woman, half the fun is in the chase and if on the way, she discovers he wasn’t really the guy she thought he was, she has no qualms about making it a wild goose one! If you know you’re being led up the garden path, keep all senses alert.

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