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He said the last time he saw them, they were headed upstairs to the VIP lounge.

The two girls were relieved and headed up the dark flight of stairs to join their friends.

He pushed them into the room and shut the door behind them. Peyton looked up and Bella could see she was crying. Stefanie leaned over and spit the cum onto the carpeted floor.

Sierra looked over just in time to see the man fill Stefanie’s mouth with cum. Bella turned around and saw two more men sitting on a large couch.

Stefanie had made friends with one of the bellboys and he was going to help them get out through the kitchen.

The music was loud and pounding and the dance floor was filled with young people dancing and having the times of their lives.

The girls headed out on the floor and danced with each other.

There was a large man at the top of the stairs and they asked him where their friends went.

He pointed to the last VIP room at the end of the hall. Sierra asked her what was wrong when she saw her friend Peyton.

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She and Stefanie found a table in the corner and ordered some drinks.

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