Epg gsr8 status test updating

Epg gsr8 status test updating

A GPROC can only be the controlling source for one download session at a time as determined by the design of the IP process.

When a GPROC2 is selected as controlling source to cross load a GPROC3, the second source must be a GPROC3.

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During a BTS site initialisation, the pool GPROC2 and GPROC3 have higher priority to be selected as source to download the BTS.

When the GPROC2-OMF is selected as controlling source for code loading a BTS, the 2nd source must be a Pool GPROC or GPROC3. The controlling IP use the objects on the local board and 2nd board to download the BTS. CA commands LCF-2 to download to BTS, using LCF-1 as the 2nd source. BTS queries the LCF-2(IP) about the object status and calculates the download list. But the controller GPROC can only work with one BTS download at a time. The COM process is already able to support multiple code load dialogs. The IP process on the controller GPROC communicates with COM on the 2nd source GPROC directly.After a GPROC2 is assigned as a LCF, BSC CA will determine which group of BTS objects this LCF will store and will label the LCF with a group ID. The CA will save the BTS objects grouping information internally.After a BSC jumps into RAM state, the BSC will divide the BTS objects except for those used by both BSC and INCELL BTS into 2 groups (0 and 1).This software feature will save some LCF memory (about 3.5M) to prolong the life of existing GPROC2. The CSFP must be a GPROC3 in GSR9 otherwise the GPROC cross load may fail due to the GPROC2 being out of memory. The BSC will select GPROC3 as source in GPROC LAN broadcast cross loading. When an LCF is assigned to a pool GPROC2 which was selected as the source GPROC for a on going xload and BTS download session, the on-going xload and download session shall be killed and a new source to continue xloading/downloading will be selected. During the source reselecting procedure, the xload target GPROC and the download target BTS shall not reset and continue the xload/download code from the new source.When GPROC2-LCF or GPROC2-OMF is selected as the controlling source to load a BTS or GPROC2, the BSC shall use another GPROC as the second source. 14 New, modified and deleted commands There are no new commands introduced with this feature There are no new alarm threshold database elements introduced The are no modified commands at the BSS as a result of this feature There are no deleted commands as a result of this feature 15 BTS Downloading BTS Downloading During BTS site initialisation, the BSC can select one GPROC2 as controller to download to the BTS. LCF-2(IP) fetches object block from the local COM and LCF-1(COM). CA commands LCF-2 to download to BTS, using LCF-1 as the 2nd source. LCF-2(IP) queries the BTS object status and calculates the download list. LCF-2(IP) commands LCF-2(COM) to download BTS object set 2. After step 3 is completed, LCF-2(IP) orders LCF-1(COM) to download BTS object set 1.

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