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If you are a victim or witness to sexual misconduct by an employee or volunteer who is affiliated with the PC(USA), if the person who engaged in sexual misconduct is not an ordained minister/teaching elder, you should report the misconduct the the employer.If you are a victim or witness to sexual misconduct by a member, deacon or ruling elder of a church affiliated with the PC(USA), you should report the misconduct to the Session of that church.It is advisable to contact your insurer at the start of the process of creating a policy and when you have a final draft to make sure the insurer is satisfied with the policy.If there is an incident, an insurer will want to know that you have a policy,that your council was trained on the policy and that your council followed that policy.The are intended as a bridge between these guiding resources and the specific issues that persons in ministry face on a day-to-day basis. Persons who engage in sexual misconduct are in violation of the principles set forth in Scripture, and also of the ministerial, pastoral, employment, and professional relationship.Download (Adopted by the 219th General Assembly [2010], updated October 2013). It is never permissible or acceptable for a church member, officer, employee, or volunteer to engage in sexual misconduct.The following suggestions can help you respond appropriately.In the PC(USA), ministers are known as teaching elders, but they are not members of a church they are members of a presbytery and are subject to the jurisdiction of their presbytery. When the stated clerk of the presbytery receives a written allegation of offense, the presbytery will appoint a team to conduct an investigation into the allegation.

In addition, most presbyteries have adopted sexual misconduct policies which can be used as resources by sessions.

Download (Approved by the 213th General Assembly [2001]).

This policy statement is the result of a development process that included wide consultation and participation throughout the church, drawing upon biblical sources and insights from the Reformed tradition in giving renewed definition to Presbyterian understandings concerning the root causes of domestic violence and the church’s complicity and response to the problem.

Examples of reporting can be found below Listening to someone reveal his or her own experience of abuse is never comfortable.

The person has trusted you enough to share this secret: it is critical that in your reaction you affirm the person and be supportive.

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It is the policy of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U. A.) and all entities of the General Assembly that all church members, church officers, nonmember employees and/or contractors, and volunteers of congregations, councils and entities of the church are to maintain the strongest sense of integrity, safety, nurturing and care involving all interactions with children, youth and vulnerable adults.

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