Familitchi dating

Familitchi dating

Do not overfeed it with snacks or it will get a toothache.To get your Tamagotchi to play Hide and Seek, set the time to and wait one minute.To choose any Tamagotchi, remove the back panel where the battery is located, then unscrew the other screws.You will see the chip and a small circle with a line in the middle.To make your Tamagotchi sleep longer, turn off the lights when it goes to bed.To get an overweight Tamagotchi to lose weight, play one of the games.

To get a Tamagotchi baby, connect with a Tamagotchi that is the opposite gender of your own. Connect again and if it shakes its head, then it will have a baby. To earn double, when it wants attention but it is not angry or sad, then punish it.To activate cheat mode, an infra-red/communication connection and two Tamagotchis.Both Tamagotchis must be at least two days old to use the infra-red connection.To win a round out but you must have at least one training square.To evolve your Tamagotchi faster, change the time to the time that your Tamagotchi was hatched. You can also play lots of games to make it evolve quicker.

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Remember the time of day when you get a new Tamagotchi as that will be the time your Tamagotchi wakes up and goes to sleep.

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