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If you don't own one an alternative method is to place several layers of paper towel over the wet urine area and tread on it so as to soak up as much of the dog urine as you possibly can. To anyone who is skeptical about this, take it from me. But trust me, before you go out and buy every product in the world, try this.

You may have to repeat this several times until no more dog urine can be soaked up. Out of all the products I have used, plus the expensive professional cleaning, I have to say, this was awesome. I was a little skeptical at first but after reading all the reviews I decided I would try it, and I'm glad I did! It got rid of a couple dried urine spots on my carpet and let me tell you, it smelled horrific. Toni, NY, USA I would like to thank you for this amazing remedy!

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Absorb as much dog urine from the carpet as you can using wet vacuum cleaner or paper towels 2. Remove Dog Urine Smell using Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide The best method to to remove the dog urine is to use a wet/dry vacuum.

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The dog urine stains will fluoresce Mix a solution of fifty percent white vinegar and fifty percent water. Then I looked up "natural home remedies for pet stains" and came up with your website. I had given up hope on ever getting the urine smell from a large, expensive wool rug in our living room. It has been about a month and the smell has never returned. Thank you so much I will recommend this site to everyone I know with dogs. I spent my whole weekend cleaning my family room carpet with a carpet cleaning machine, about 3-4 times. My carpets are pretty dry after the machine sucks all the water up so I went right to the next step and a few hours later I am crawling around on my hands and knees trying to find the urine smell but it is nowhere to be found!!!!

Use a spray bottle to apply the vinegar solution to the carpet. The solution of peroxide and dish detergent on top of the baking soda hasn't even dried yet and my house smells WONDERFUL again. It was dreadful no matter how many times we cleaned it, even with an industrial cleaning machine. : ) I don't know what to say about how wonderful this tip has been.

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I was ready to change a brand new carpet Due to the urine smell. I did the whole process and the results were amazing. One of the ingredients of urine is ammonia and your dog or puppy may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area if it detects the smell of ammonia.

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