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Red and I were out on shore (evening time) and we watched these two waves come in ( one at 10 o'clock position and the other about 2 o'clock ) and when they crissed crossed each other the water split like Moses did at the Red Sea, I would guess it was maybe 1 foot in depth. After I seperated from the Air Force, I worked at a place in Toledo, Ohio and I was talking to this guy about D. I don't remember his first name maybe "Dave" but his last name was Decater. I hauled everything from heavy equipment to food stores for the galley.

I tell my friends here about that and they asked me what I was smoking. I was in the chow hall with my flight crew (pilots, navigator, loadmaster) when this big burly guy came up to me and said "this is the chiefs area are you a chief? Whenever a supply ship came in we worked our asses off until it was unloaded (made for some long days).

I remember the piles of beer sitting out in the open. I heard the Sea Bees where going on strike, I think they resolved the problem by noon the next day. He said he had to go to Bangkok and have surgery on his nose, I told him I did remember a guy with a nose bandaged up and it was him. in 1985 (Mark Jones)and he said all the bunkers where blown up and all the hootches are gone. My_Warstory = I was assigned to the motor pool, my main duties was driving a tractor trailer.

Well, we made it to the air field construction area and found the dozer we were looking for.

We loaded it and chained it down but instead of leaving right away, Strawman popped open a couple of cold ones and said, let's have a beer.

The BIOT Commissioner, who was also the Governor of the Seychelles, ordered the 900 or so "stray" dogs on DG put down.

These had belonged to the Plantation Workers, some of whom claim they were forced to watch "US Soldiers" kill beloved pets in front of their eyes.

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The other guys on the crew made a human chain and pulled me out. The only regret that I have is that I wish I would have taken a lot more pictures than I did. , Ron whaley,some of the other guys I remember are John craven, Dan Henderson.ponder. It was an interesting and exciting time in my life only 18 at the time.

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