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No, it's not a "sudden attack" - you got away with breaking the rules for a while, but now, between some mods who have time on their hands and a group targeting shitty fics, they finally got caught.(For the record - my fics flagrantly disregarded the rules at, and for the last few years I had a notice up on my profile in boldface that said as much and that I was aware of it.All Romance Ebooks is strongly limiting what romances can contain." Long time fan fiction writer Tikatu told Wikinews, "The content purge hasn't bothered me at all, really, though I've been lurking around on's Critics United.They've been blamed for all the deleted stories -- never mind that they don't have enough people to have reported that many fics." Anime fan fiction writer and artist Hurricane Islandheart defended Fan Fiction.[...] What is the point of a ratings system if anything disagreeable is automatically purged?[...] I am truly disheartened, and I hope either a different course of action is taken or I wish and its future users (all within the PG reading range) the best as I sadly look for a site where one can truly 'unleash their imagination'." Zaynab Quadri's comment, liked 88 times, expressed a similar sentiment: "Writers give warnings when they write explicit content, so if anyone's reading anything they shouldn't be, that's their own fault.Net's actions, saying "All was doing was catching up on their site maintenance and reports - people just freaked because they'd finally been caught breaking the rules." She reinforced this idea on her I think that's what finally killed me about fandom.

This rule hasn't been inforced, members urged Fan Fiction.

One of the primary reasons the AO3 was created was in order to provide a home for fanworks which were at risk of deletion elsewhere, so we're very keen to welcome these new users, but in the short term this does present us with some challenges!

-reported increase earlier in the year, 57,201 visitors at the end of April, up from 40,560 at the end of March.

Detailed descriptions of physical interaction of sexual or violent nature is considered Fiction MA and has not been allowed on the site since 2002..

According to feckless-muse, "people reporting these so called site violations are literally ganging up on the writers and leaving comments like the ones below en masse.

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Net users to back up their work lest it be deleted.

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