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Greek word for dating

"Inside this ossuary, we found bones from six different people: two infants, a child between two and five, a young boy between 13 and 18, an adult woman -- and a male of about 60 years! Very few of the people mentioned in the pages of the Bible have been proved to have existed by means of archaeological evidence.

(Please note that this article was originally written to disprove the thought that the only true name of God is the correctly pronounced Hebrew form of that name. The September-October 1992 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review contains several fascinating articles which bear heavily on the questions posed for this article.There is no doubt, therefore, that Jesus and the original apostles all spoke Greek -- commonly, as a "second language." First, let us explore the recent findings in Jerusalem of the actual tomb of Caiaphas, the high priest who condemned Christ.Astonishing as it seems, the burial cave of the Caiaphas family was found, in Jerusalem, by "accident" -- the family of one of the priests who presided at the trial of Jesus.This is impressive testimony to the impact of Hellenistic culture on Jews in their mother country, to say nothing of the Diaspora."In Jerusalem itself about 40 PERCENT of the Jewish inscriptions from the first century period (before 70 C. We may assume that most Jewish Jerusalemites who saw the inscriptions in situ were able to read them" ("Jewish Funerary Inscriptions -- Most Are in Greek," Pieter W. These are shocking statements to all who have believed, and taught, that the Jews as a whole were ignorant of Greek during the time of Christ!

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Naturally in Palestine we would expect more Hebrew and Aramaic and less Greek. Even in Palestine approximately TWO-THIRDS of these inscriptions are in GREEK.

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