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Abreva only works if u use it at the 1st sign of a cold sore, once the sores there it will not work n that's a big waist of money""Ive been diagnosed with this about 2 maybe 3 weeks ago ..boyfriend gave it to me i found out when he had a breakout...night before we had sex so we both went to the er to find out whats wrong .... Then I took 6,000 mg of Lysine, that did not help at all. I felt that white vinegar helped a bit and cornstarch was soothing.I have not had a break out was on the 5 pill a day thing but my body couldnt handle it so the doctor put me on the pill i time a day ...whats going on but now I cant pee ive been trying to pee for 14 hours..feels like I have to go then when I sit on the toilet nothing but a few drops come out""I was diagnosed with HSV-2 five years ago. I was not in a sexual relationship but this week I had sex after my menstrual cycle. I took 2 Epsom salt baths a day and that was soothing also.I noticed a few more cuts that look like canker sores so I made an appointment right away. This is nothing in comparison to a cold sore that lasted a month without the meds though! Free with my healthcare for the pills, the cream was .""I got oral herpes on my face when I was in the orange in russia. Within three days, maybe even two, they completely shrank and i could barely see them. Few days ago 3 bumps appeared and I got another RX. Maybe some gastrointestinal discomfort as a side effect but that might have been to my crappy diet the last few days too :)""Unfortunately my ex-boyfriend intentionally & knowingly gave me Herpes. I go as long as I can bare it n sometimes it goes away on its own quickly but wen It doesn't I take one of my sisters acyclovir's a day n 9times outa 10 it goes away within a few days. U cant just take vitamins wen u need em u gota take em daily so wen u get sick or watever they've already built up in ur system.

Feeling anxious, depressed , sweating, abdominal pain, short-tempered and very nauseous.

Someone took advantage because I was drunk he began stroking and I jumped up about 2 minutes into it.

He was a creep all the way around but that's the only person I've could've got it from and I'm positive about that.

it then got very uncomfortable and burned while I urinated. Tuesday I went to the dr and she said it looked like Herpes. I find this drug debilitating and will go to see an optician about my virus.""I had a sudden onset of cold sores and a new one was appearing each day. I had my initial outbreak last year and thankfully had no pain, just itchiness.

Finally, I took my camera down there and wanted to look... It's only been a day and it doesn't feel like it's working. But I still feel like I'm on fire, I'm itchy, and it still burns like crazy. ""This is the only thing that works for myself stress induced break outs (college). I believe when I first started using acyclovir it was more effective and now it can take a good 4-5 days to fully heal. I am on immunosuppressants so my body just can't fight this virus on its own. This medication was amazing- within 24-48 hrs the blisters were crusting over. Got the sores and went to the doc- 800mg 3 times a day for 10 days. I always keep it on me and I am to take 200mg 5x daily if I start to have another breakout.""I suddenly keep getn these horrible cold sores like I was slit with a razor outside in like half inch splits that sting so bad n a couple times I've gotten a single sore down unda that hurts n is red.

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when I urine it burns super bad, and I am in misery.

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