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America, but a Dutch disciple of his, the Abbe de Pauw, did make this crucial step.

In his Recherches Philosophiques sur les Americains (Philosophic Inquiries on the Americans) (1768-69) he claimed he had evi- dence of marked physical, moral, and especially intel- lectual degeneration in colonials.

Built in 1770 by Joseph Brown, it was modeled on Nassau Hall at Princeton.

University Hall (below) is an excellent example of colonial brick architecture. Two hundred years and architectural integrity stand be- tween it and the colonial homes, liquor stores, and olde gift shoppes of today.

Editorial offices are in Nicholson House, 71 George St., Providence, R. Crane '50, professor of history at the University of Den- ver, explores the key roles played by four Brown presidents in shap- ing the University to meet the educational needs of their times.

18 Four Presidents — and Their Roles in Educational Renewal in Brown's History Theodore R.

in twelve editions of a Defense he wrote of his thesis, and in a long article on America in the Supplement to the French Encyclopedia.

25 The Colonies Before 1776: The View From Continental Europe "European attitudes toward the New World, from Columbus's dis- covery down to the present, have always been ambivalent." In the first of a new series of Bicentennial articles, Professor of French Durand Echeverria discusses how the American colonies and their revolt against the British Crown came to serve as a mirror for the Old World, reflecting European "aspirations and fears, dreams and doubts." Departments 33 Under the Elms 38 Sports 42 The Classes 53 Carrying the Mail page 18 The cover reproduces the symbol for a new series (beginning on page 25) on the impact of the American Revolution on the world. In conjunction with the First Baptist Meeting House, University Hall set the style for much of the East Side. John de Creveeoeur's Lettres d'un cultivateur americain (Paris, 1787). Franklin's defiance of Parliament seemed to the continental European mind not a challenge of ari.stocratic corporatism but an attack upon the principle of monarchical absolutism, which was being given new life by the aging Louis XV in France, by Gu.stavus III in Sweden, by Catherine of Russia, and by Frederick the Great of Prussia. They allow us to read things like this, and they will be amazed to find us ten years later different men. Other than the pediment, its orna- mentation is limited to a central lantern, balustrade, and bands of projecting bricks, which define divisions between floors. You are as Nature would have us all to be." And he incor- porated into his novel two corroborative letters by the Physiocrat Du Pont de Nemours, who had written of Virginia, "In no country in the world are women more beautiful, even at an advanced age, or men handsomer or more robust, or minds more lofty, or characters more gentle, or hearts more intrepid." IT was the Stamp Act crisis of 1765 that made the Americans appear as the champions of political and civil liberty.The special form of this hypothesis stated that the climate of the Americas was more humid and cooler than that of Europe and therefore created an unfavorable habitat for animal and human life.The explanation usually gi\'en was that the Americas had been created by God later than the Old World or had emerged later from the waters of the Flood and were still, as it were, cold and dripping from their recent diluvial past.

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They had, he said, "visibh degenerated" and were physically weaker than Euro- peans.

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