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The cofitrols of Stsetn's craft are smooth and generally qutck to reeponii.All the different challen Qers have thefa' own d Minguwijng and humourous chir Mftertstic Sv Gamapiay is ampolh (axoapt for some awhward scroning) arxj initiall Y very addicttvs - It's jtst that there ian't arywfwre near onough of it.My third go got fne to the f Hth level; the gafrm as a whoie ktn'i H^keiy to take anyone tnoie thai^ two or three hoor^ to complete. One night, a meeting was held between the ancient and wise spirits of the woods.A decision was made to appoint a single person to be responsible for returning the balance to the lands once again by banishing the evil back from where it came.

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ft O% CRASH June 1988 11 STREET FIGHTER Producer; GO!

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