Im not dating anymore dating frat boys

Im not dating anymore

Since the i Phone and social media took off 5 years ago, things have changed pretty dramatically.

I only somewhat liked 2 girls in the past year, and only one of whom I would’ve actually dated (she had a bf). Only 2 girls out of 1000 that I even remotely liked.Subconsciously, they’re more lost and confused than ever.They think that tattoos and piercings will help them “find themselves”.The girl subconsciously wants the guy to take control, but the guy is now too pussy to do so. The girls don’t want these pussy guys, and the guys don’t want these dominant girls who look and act like a piece of trash.This is causing happiness levels across the US to plummet to all time lows.

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They probably all had one serious relationship where the guy broke their heart, and now choose to not have feelings anymore.

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