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None of the women in the song's three verses are hoes; they're all noted for their intelligence and poise, not for their sexuality.

It's like the inverse of ""Seven years old, caught you with tears in your eyes / Cuz a nigga cheatin, telling you lies, then I started to cry / As we knelt on the kitchen floor / I said mommy I'mma love you till you don't hurt no more" with arrogance, braggadocio and combativeness. But something equally undeniable about Kanye West is that he loves his mom and it's really tender.

It’s never too late to for men to change their perspective on how women should be treated — never to late to cut against the trends in rap.“Time to heal our women, be real to our women / And if we don't we'll have a race of babies / That will hate the ladies that make the babies / And since a man can't make one / He has no right to tell a woman when and where to create one”2Pac is the most socially-conscious rapper ever, but he never got the credit he deserved because he came up right in the midst of early hip-hop sexism.

His “Keep Ya Head Up,” though, is one of the most epic anti-misogyny raps in the history of the genre.

The more those artists are promoted and supported, the more dominant their attitudes will become.

But Black Thought shows us how to take the high road.

On “Double Standards” he points out the different expectations our culture holds for women and men.

Men are expected to be promiscuous, but when women conform to those appetites they get called "sluts." One verse after another, he lists out double standards (we know "Now I'm just saying this to tell you there's a way from the ground / The makings of a legend are often hidden in trials / Just be strong and just move on and just accept what you can / Because it makes your story better when you read at the end"Fem C Angel Haze, a Detroit native, used the beat from Eminem's "Cleaning Out My Closet" to tell an equally disturbing story with a completely opposite message. She paints that scene in disturbingly vivid detail in her own "Cleaning Out My Closet," and describes the fallout: years of physical and mental trauma.

, "If that bitch can't swim / She bound to drizzown." That was the year Tipper Gore, the vice president's wife, penned an infamous editorial titled "Hate, Rape and Rap." To this day, it's one of the most .

In Gore's piece, she directly links rising rates of sexual assault to the rising popularity of hip-hop music, arguing that rap music teaches children that violence against women is okay.

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On "The Light," he spits about how important it is that relationships be built on respect and understanding.

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