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Gene Smith, Shata-Pidtaka Series, Indo-Asian Literatures, Volume 82, New Delhi : International Academy of Indian Culture. Compiled in the time of Sultan Sikender Shah Lodi (1488-1518) by his courtier, Behwa bin Qewas Khan.

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Srigovindadasaviracita, Sri brahmasankaramisrena pariskrotya parivarddhita, Vidyotini' Hindivyakhya Vimarsa' parisista sahita, vyakhyakara Ambikadattasastri, sampadaka Rajesvaradattasastri Mahamatisrimadhavakaraviracitam Madhavanidanam, Mahamahopadhyaya-Srivijayaraksita-Srikanthadattabhyam viracitaya Madhukosa' vyakhyaya vibhusitam tatha Sudarsanasastri krotaya Vidyotini' Hinditikaya navinavaijnanika Vimarsena' ca samullasitam, taccedam Yadunandanopadhyaya Bhisagvarena susamskrotya sampaditam Mahamatisrimadhavakaraviracitam Mdhavanidanam : Srivijayaraksita-Srikanthadattabhyam viracitaya 'Madhukosa' Samskrota vyakhyaya abhinava pranitaya 'Manorama' Hindi tikaya ca samullasitam, sampadakah Brahmasankara Sastri«Following is the text of the suggestions made by the Central Institute of Research in Indigenous Systems of Medicine to the members of the Panel on Ayurveda of the Planning Commission», in Third Five-Year Plan, which met on the 19th and 20 July 1960, «Memorandum comprising some basic questions in connection with indigenous systems of medicine and a layout of the Institute of Indian Medicine», submitted by the Unani members of the Panel on Ayurveda, Division of Health, Planning Commission, An English translation of the Sushruta samhita, based on original Sanskrit text, with a full and comprehensive introd., additional texts, different readings, notes, comparative views, index, glossary and plates An English translation of the Sushruta samhita, based on original Sanskrit text, with a full and comprehensive introd., additional texts, different readings, notes, comparative views, index, glossary and plates Report of the committee appointed by Government with a view to examine the demands of students of certain Ayurvedic and Unani colleges of this state and to examine the requirements of the Ayurvedic / Unani colleges for the purpose of upgrading and their affiliation to some university, edited and rendered into English along with the original Sanskrit, by C. 'Vidyotini' Hindivyakhya 'Vimarsa' parisista sahita.

Vogel, accompanied by a literary introduction and running commentary of the Tibetan translating-technique, Wiesbaden : F. Sharngadharasamhita : Vaijnanika-vimarshopeta-‘Subodhini’ Hindivyakhyaya ‘Laksmi’ tippanya parishistaishca vibhusita / Shrisharngadharacaryaviracita ; vyakhyakara, Shriprayagadatta Sharma ; tippanikara, Shrilaksmipati Tripathi ; sampadaka, Shridayashankara Pandeya Bhaisajyaratnavali.

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no kick nor any banned peaceful way of chat peaceful people are in its only about Iran Chat your age fellows online on without registration from world wide all the world connect through Iran Chat rooms service bring best service of you.

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