Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

Is anthony kiedis dating anyone

Anthony Kiedis and his son Everly, 6, spent Christmas Day together at the Lakers vs Miami Heat game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ frontman stopped to chat with the police before heading inside.

Anyway, I’m sure some people knew about this couple already, but it was news to me. Would it actually be crazier for Kiedis to date a woman in her late 40s or whatever?

There were new photos of Anthony and Helena out and about a few days ago – go here to see.

His father made most of his money selling drugs, but also dabbled in acting.

While with his father, Kiedis was exposed to the Los Angeles club scene, where he got a chance to see such rock acts as the Eagles, Neil Young, Deep Purple and Rod Stewart.

It was during these years that young Kiedis was exposed and influenced by the world of art, sex, music and drugs.

The mother of Kiedis' son, Heather Christie was an inspiration for a few of the songs on the band's 2006 album, Stadium Arcadium most notably the song, "She's Only 18"Not the same girl but still creepy.There's a HUGE discrepancy between average guys who are with super young girls and rich ones, is fooled. Oh I'm not saying they aren't, it's just that the ratio of younger girls to way-older guys is MUCH different among us normal people than hot girls and rich dudes. Actually I think middle aged men date girls in their 20's because they're incapable of relating to women their own age and think they can 'mold' or impress someone much younger than them with their own ideals. IDK I think when someone that age is dating someone under 30, specifically if they are in their early 20s, and even more specifically if the person has a pattern of dating people that age, there is more to it. When you're not legal to drink and dating a 51 year old?That being said, do your thing, blame it on "age ain't nothin' but a number" and "true love! I don't have an issue with it personally, like do your thing, but passing it off as true love is just.. I mean sometimes, I'm sure, but it's just really eye-roll-worthy to me most of the time. At 20 you're not fully finished growing as a person yet, unless you've had exceptional life experience or are very precocious, I don't think it's possible to have an equally balanced relationship. Being 38 dating a 51 year old is vastly different than a 20 year old. You're old enough to be her mother and there's still a good age difference between you and your guy. gonna echo the other comments and say that 38/51 is really not that bad of that difference around that age because it's less likely that there is a power imbalance or a huge difference in life stages that could make a relationship it has more chances to be problematic when older men date teenagers or women in their early twenties (talking about chances only, because I'm sure there are relationships like that that work out perfectly)My friend claims this dude tried to hit on her when she was 14 and hanging out with her mom, so.Kiedis’ 20-year-old girlfriend Helena Vestergaard wasn’t seen with them. The Australian model told Confidential, “I’m not an ageist.Helena – who lives with the 51-year-old rocker in L. You can’t help who you fall in love with.”She added, “We’re both happy and that’s good. It’s nothing like I’ve ever experienced, but I’m getting used to it.”SOURCEIDGI like do older rich guys really think these crazy-younger girls are with them for anything other than their money? they want young pussy for the rest of their days (or so they think)As long as they're getting pussy, they don't seem to care too much if the love is ~rill~ or not IME.

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This is just an FYI, because it’s always interesting to note when much-older men are dating teenagers or ladies barely out of their teens.

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