Laws predating the 10 commandments

the core of Judeo-Christian values The Ten Commandments are the foundational laws for civilization.Individual cultures have laws that reflect these basic ones, as is evident from prohibitions against murder and adultery.They believe the privately funded monument is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion.“If they put it up, they’re going to signal to people who don’t subscribe to that particular version of the commandments and nonbelievers they are second-class citizens and we will file suit,” Holly Dickson, the ACLU’s legal director, told U. News and World Report when the monument was approved in May.Muslims unequivocally believe in the Ten Commandments.Americans are often surprised to find out that about one-third of the Koran directly echoes Jewish and Christian sacred texts—including the entire Ten Commandments.

Interlude: "Did orthodox church dogma suggest Earth was created about 4,000 B. Not only the first people, the first civilizations, the first languages, the first calendars, the first monuments, the first governments and religions, but after about 4,000 B. one can find nearly every Biblical event [thus all of Earth's history].Adding to the debate, the Temple of Satan had tried to install its own statue of Baphomet, a goat-headed, angel-winged creature accompanied by two children smiling at it.The statue, once destined for the state Capitol of Oklahoma, was blocked yet again by a law requiring legislative approval before monuments can be considered.The Ten Commandments: Ethics for the Twenty-first Century.a Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition Commentators in America constantly talk of the Judeo-Christian tradition, but if we were to use the Ten Commandments as the yardstick, then America is very much a Judeo-Christian-Islamic nation.

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