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Martino: He is the barman at the Molly Moo, his twin sister Caramel's bakery. Piff: She is the Pixie of Sweet Sleep, and has a rabbit for companion.

His Magic Pop gives him the power of doing incredible acrobatics, balancing and extraordinary strength. Pam: She works at the most famous hair salon in Pixieville. She is able to talk in Pop Pixie, as opposed to Winx Club, where she only makes noises like little babies.

Although, Piff could be able to talk in later parts of the series.

Glim: Like Piff, Glim is a baby and can't talk, mumbling in Babytalk, like Piff as well.

Amore: She owns the Love Shop, which is the only shop to be specialized in love potions and spells in Pixieville. Her assistants are Otis, a purple Pixie Hippopotamus, and an unnamed owl.

Caramel: She runs the most famous bakery in Pixieville, the Molly Moo, and her Magic Pop gives her incredible strength.

You may have been separated or divorced and have a circle of friends that you share with your former partner and that makes things awkward right?

Cherie: She is the richest pixie of Pixieville, and is the Pixie of Weather.

His Magic Pop gives him extraordinary intelligence which he uses to make unique inventions combining magic and Technomagic. His Magic Pop gives him the power to using Technology.

Digit was changed to a boy in Pop Pixie Livy: He is the Pixie of messages in Winx Club but in Pop Pixie his Magic Pop gives him the ability to be super fast. Lockette: Her Magic Pop gives her the power to open magical passages and find everything which is hidden. She works at the Pixie Plaza, the most famous hotel in Pixieville.

Each Pixie has a special talent and when she uses it for the benefit of others and in the right way, they will receive a Magic Pop and becomes a Pop Pixie.

The enemies of the Pixies are the Elves which combine jokes and trouble within their village.

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You have made the move to change your life by settling in Spain and everything about your lifestyle is where you want it to be, but all you are missing is that perfect somebody to share it with.

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