Mad scientist dating how to get back in the dating game

Mad scientist dating

I think I’ve covered all the points we discussed on Tuesday (or I should say “Period 00001 Subsection 01 Portion 04 Hour 03”); this was written very early in the morning though, so some of the more aggressive snark will need reworking.

Which one of us gets the short straw of reading it?

I’m pretty sure that bloated oaf from Ganymede slept through the last briefing she sat in on.) In the 150 years since humanity started to spread through the stars, we have established colonies on 46 planets across 38 local solar systems.

This is not only the greatest achievement in human history–as we are the only sentient species yet discovered in the galaxy, it may well be the greatest achievement of all life-kind, all made possible by the predecessors of this Council.

This should have been a simple system for smart people to follow and understand.

However, I’m sure we all remember the story from pre-inter-system travel space-flight of a probe being destroyed because of the confusion between the imperial and metric measuring systems, and we are now coming off the back of six decades of similar problems.

(I thought it best to go back as far as possible for that example rather than the more recent and more to blame on these idiots Hilditch accident, caused by the council getting mixed up by the metric and Mc Nally systems.) This has created nothing but headaches in inter-planet relations.

Mad Scientists like these switches because they are dramatic to flip and it is easy to see the connection. There is a great video from their website is attached. This is absolutely essential for your lab – without it you can’t really call yourself a mad scientist. Once your corpses have been delivered, you will need these to cut up your bodies so you can sew them back together for that truly authentic “monster” type creature. I’m not sure that this is legit, but for about 50 dollars you too can wire-up someone’s brain! Frankenstein made – check the quality of your brains before you use them! A Mad Scientist needs at least: A Brain, a few eyes, a bull testicle (better get two), and from a source I didn’t expect (, a Heart and fetus (pig).Most may be of a similar duration to the Earth’s due to their placement within their systems–with odd exceptions such as our good and dear friends in the Ganymede Dome–but these differences between local time and the Earth time they originally tried to maintain soon mounted and created argument and division once a generation of local born colonists grew up with little attachment to the old world.So 60 years ago, it was decided by this Council that each colony would adopt its own calendar, with the date of the first landing on that planet as Year 1 and a series of months–usually still 12 and never 13 of course–named by popular vote, with Earth time still used for general purposes.In order to properly explain our findings, it will be helpful to go over the history of the main issue with which we were tasked to deal.(I know this is basically redundant, Sanjay, but I don’t think the majority of the Council even understand what our name actually means, let alone the wider history.

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