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Surya Prakash: I know that Gayatri Mantra is to be chanted in the morning, noon and dusk.Whereas, I am working in such a place that morning would not be possible, (I can do mentally without proper asana or sitting) as everybody sleeping in the same room upto 8am, which I do not find privacy rather I do not like to chant in that area.Of course, during night times, automatically, I am used to chant the mantra.Is it not right to chant Gayatri mantra other than the THREE TIMES? Swami Ramswarup: Time will never permit us but we have to command on the time for which this golden opportunity of human life has been blessed by God.

Soul is hungry only to listen pious preach about God.So please try to sit for meditation and chant on gayatri mantra, by hook and crook.You can go to garden early in the morning to chant and meditate there.The ancient Rishis were of simple-living whereas present gurus have long-long so many cars, assets, luxuries, etc., etc.Most of the present gurus say that money is nothing etc., etc. These mostly say that family is nothing and gathers all the families.

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Please see and chant the mantra with meaning, which will give the best result. and, these colours are related to human nature, behaviour, preferences etc. White relates to purity, Red relates to aggressiveness, fire etc, Green relates to peace, calm etc. Because black colour sits by capturing all other colours.

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