Percy and annabeth dating

Percy and annabeth dating

But when she saw that everyone else in the circle was already paired up and that there was only one person left, she instantly wished she'd been paired up with Jason. They were all part of the workout."Hey, you're pretty good at this!

That would have been ten times better than the person she was stuck with: Percy Freakin Jackson."Hey Piper! " said Percy, the pleasant surprise evident on his face.

He was serious most of the time, but every so once in a while he would crack a joke. Maybe it was only Piper who felt that way, but there were definitely some issues lately.

He was physically fit- very nicely- and exercised daily, practicing archery, sword fighting, completing the rock wall, running long distances to build his endurance, lifting weights in the gym... Jason had been...different lately: distracted, distant, and anxious.

No matter what, everyone still has to get up out of bed, and go do their same old monotonous tasks.

That had literally been the case for Piper today: she had felt so guilty and torn up inside that she'd wanted to just go to sleep and pronounce to the world that she was bed-ridden for the day, but she wasn't able to do that.

Piper didn't want to think about how much more emotionally screwed up she'd be if she let her emotions take control of her. she asked silently as she made her way to the arena.

She turned and her heart dropped at who she saw."Jason! Her cheeks flushed with embarrassment when a few people turned to look at her.

Oops, she thought."Piper," said her boyfriend, a look of concern etched on his face, "where were you? I was worried about you."She sighed, and was about to explain, when suddenly the instructor in the middle shouted at them to pair up with someone.

She had to stay strong when every girl they passed on the street stared at Jason in awe and amazement while glaring at her with hate and jealousy. Reyna claimed she had moved on, but Piper wasn't so sure. She recalled how she'd felt about it when they were on their quest aboard the Argo II: They were so easy together, it made Piper's heart ache. The point was, the way they fit together was just so...perfect. They trusted each other so much now, and Annabeth would be crestfallen, so heartbroken, if she knew Piper felt this way. But let's not forget about Jason: think about how he would feel if he knew Piper's feelings had shifted from him to Percy.

The girl had gotten her heart broken twice, both times to discover that the boy she'd been in love with already had a girlfriend. Annabeth was just the right height so that she could tilt her head into the crook of Percy's neck, and he could rest his onto hers and kiss her hair lovingly. It was infuriating in an endearing way: the ideal couple everyone wanted to be like. Percy and Annabeth, Annabeth and Percy; either way it sounded good. She could just imagine his hurt expression, like a puppy who just realized he'd been run over by a big semi-trailer truck.

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If only you knew what I'm feeling, I bet you wouldn't be that friendly..thought with dismay and grief.

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