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Skinner also gave the pigeons 'special reinforcements' in the form of hemp seeds to help them acclimate to the vibrations and noise, which he said they found 'particularly delectable.'By gradually increasing the time between the pigeon's peck and its food reward, Skinner trained the birds to peck furiously at the image as it moved.The pigeon would have a gold electrode attached to the end of its beck and peck at the image, which sent electrical signals to the servomechanism controlling the wings.

These screens are constructed from materials like copper or indium tin oxide and store electrical charges in a grid of tiny wires.

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At the time, Skinner said: 'We had begun to realize that a pigeon was more easily controlled than a physical scientist serving on a committee.''It was very difficult to convince the latter that the former was an orderly system.''We, therefore, multiplied the probability of success by designing a multiple bird unit.' Skinner tried again by adding set of co-pilots for each pigeon - under the new system, three pigeons would fly the glider and two of them would have to 'agree' on a target by pecking at the same one to steer the bomb.

But still the Navy was not convinced and looked to a bat-inspired radio-based echolocation guidance system developed by Western Electric.

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Using conductive spray paint, scientists have even found a way to make any object into a touch screen.

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