Priceless dating site

Priceless dating site

Just like the difference between talking to a man on the phone and meeting him for a date, when you and I get together in person, there’s an entirely different chemistry. Sorry about that, but that’s what happens when you restrict a program for smart, motivated women to only ten people – you get the best of the best up front. I can’t wait to meet you in person and finally show you the path to lasting love! My “Be the CEO” Dating Bootcamp starts on Saturday, April 23rd, don’t miss out.

Now I’m wondering how defective my thinking has been. Another quote that made me think of you: “Many people expect to experience an immediate sense of excitement, an overwhelming rush of attraction, and to fall in love rapidly and equally with someone who feels the same.

If you are the CEO of your own small company with great perks, long-term benefits, and potential tenure, you can begin to see each new man is just an intern applying for a job with you. Since there’s only one job opening available, you’re going to be pretty selective about who gets that one coveted internship. His future at your company is up to YOU and depends entirely on his EFFORTS. If he doesn’t earn the position of boyfriend, you let him go with no fanfare.

I hope that sounds good to you, because I do not make promises I can’t keep. Those who sign up right now will get 4 bonus hours of audio coaching worth nearly 0 on topics including Insecurity, Courtship, Online Dating Profiles and Bad Behavior vs. That’s a LOT of value to help supplement your Bootcamp education.

When you’re the CEO, you don’t have to chase down some guy because he runs a Silicon Beach startup or is the executive producer of his own cable show.

You just sit back, observe his efforts and treat him the same as you’d treat any other person in the entire world – with kindness, humor and compassion. Just show him why he’d be smart to get in on the ground floor of your company and pay attention to how seriously he’s taking this job.

This is my most powerful dating material – previously only available in Love U – and, for the first time, I’m doing it LIVE from Los Angeles. Remember, I am only taking TEN women from all of Los Angeles, first come, first served.

The fact is – as much as I believe in e Books, video courses, and recorded phone calls, there is no substitute for the in-person experience. Based on the early feedback I’ve gotten, that may mean that if you don’t register now, you may not be able to register tomorrow. You know what I did when I needed to make a change? Now it’s your turn to take bold action to get happy.

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• Soon, you will have quality men lining up to take you out on thoughtful, generous weekend dates.

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