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Thanks to Off the Bench, which spotted an interview the famed director had with NPR, we now know far more than we ever wanted about Tarantino's mom.

At first, the 49-year-old director who was raised in the Los Angeles area goes on about his upbringing.

“It was the ’70s, and I was living with these three hip single ladies, all always going out on dates all the time, dating football players and basketball players…” GROSS: “Professional ones?

” TARANTINO: “Oh yeah, my mom, she dated Wilt Chamberlain.” GROSS: “Nooo…” (both laugh). When I would hang around with kids I’d think they were really childish.

No, the film, written and directed by Zalman King, demands our attention because it is the literal, and chronological, highpoint of Eighties Hollywood erotica. For with its lurid Latin setting (Wheeler is in Buenos Aires to buy a hotel, as you do), rampantly fornicating locals and the suggestion that, if you opened the window of your limousine you were likely to get hit by flying spunk, it had the edge on the competition. Looks are exchanged, picnics are arranged, kisses are traded and then everything grinds to a halt at approximately one hour and 11 minutes into the movie, when director Kechiche and his two lead actresses deliver the type of jaw-to-the-floor sex scene that has subsequently raised the movie-sex bar to insane heights of verisimilitude and has pushed the literal definition of "simulated" to breaking point. The hair rock soundtrack (an Aerosmith knock-off called "Only a Woman").

Best of all, it boasts a closing sex scene (Wheeler and Emily in lotus, shot mostly from above, sparing no blushes) so protracted and explicit it troubled the censors (the film was originally rated X). " In 2011, Otis finally addressed the issue, "Have you ever filmed a sex scene? For here, over seven long breathy, sweaty, brightly-lit minutes, we run the unapologetic gamut of licking, sucking, squeezing, fingering, rimming, ramming, slamming, and general slithery, grindy, intercrural mayhem. And the increasingly ridiculous and giggle-inducing positions (more so, obviously, because of the puppet protagonists).

TARANTINO: “Yeah, it was almost like a sitcom, the way we lived in the '70s.

Wilt Chamberlain once dated Quentin Tarantino's mom.

Oh, and she was quite the looker while we are at it.

Director Forster said: "When I spoke to Billy Bob and Halle, I told them it was important that these two emotionally repressed characters start the sex scene raw and animalistic. The film, in which he stars as a lawyer in rainy Portland, Oregon, defending a part-time gallery owner and full-time dominatrix (Madonna) charged with murder-by-vagina, is generally derided as a giggle-inducing, all-time cinematic low. Most of Basic Instinct is another ("Have you ever fucked on cocaine, Nick?

Everyone who's ever said something really fucking stupid while they were fucking and then burst out laughing afterwards knows this. Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin, ramming themselves repeatedly and energetically against a concrete pillar in is one of them (they're physiologically nowhere near coitus – unless his penis is penetrating her, through her black dress, somewhere above the fifth lumbar vertebrae).

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Chamberlain's dalliances were already the stuff of legend.

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