Roman numeral dating system

Roman numeral dating system

Many competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Super Bowl use numerals to represent how many times the event has been held.

For example, the Olympic games in Tokyo (2020) will be the thirty-second time the event will be held and will be represented by the numerals Roman numerals can be found in many other places; the list goes on and on.

For example, the Etruscans, who lived in central Italy before the Romans, developed their own numeral system with different symbols.

This is because the system of Roman numbers was developed as a means of trading and there was no need for a numeral to represent zero.

The numbers one, two, three and four were represented by the equivalent amount of vertical lines.

The number five represented by an upside down ' Prior to Romans numerals there were many civilisations who had invented and used their own counting and number systems.

The second theory suggests that Roman numerals originate from notches which would be etched onto tally sticks.

Tally sticks had been used for hundreds of years previous to the Romans and were still used up until the 19th century by shepherds across Europe.

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A twelfth is represented by a single dot '•', which is known as an 'uncia'.

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