Russian scammers on dating sites Hot sexy women on cam

She does not have children and has never been married."Light" scammers may list 1 child under 10 years old; but it is very unusual.The transferred amount cannot be refunded, even if you paid by credit card.A scam may be performed by a loner or group of well organized criminals.You will bet your finger that the letter is genuine, but it may turn out to be not.You will think that a woman from the picture cannot be a scammer because her face is the face of a decent honest person, and probably the woman on the picture really is. They take any picture of a beautiful Russian (or even not Russian) female, better a set of pictures, and use them for their dubious purposes.Scam letters are different from genuine letters only in one feature: you will never think it is a scam!Scam letters are composed by people whose best knowledge is people's psychology, particularly the men's psychology.

Letters arrive regularly; often the same time of the day, every day or 5 days a week; She wants to meet you as soon as possible to "prove" her love to you, and the best option is her visiting you; she has a way of getting a visa to your country without any problem, and it covers even USA and Canada where to get a visa for a single Russian female is virtually impossible (usually with the help of relatives or University); She draws attractive pictures of what you two can do when you meet... If you hesitate or try to do things in your way, she becomes very upset/angry, and claims that if you don't trust her it's better not to meet/correspond at all and end the relationship.

They are corresponding with a criminal whose sole aim is to rip them off.

All is false - pictures, letters, words and feelings.

Disinterest in your money matters does not mean anything, as well as interest in it is not a bad sign.

An attractive young woman may be interested in you because you are successful and have a strong personality, and it does not necessary mean a scammer. So it is virtually impossible to detect a scam in the very beginning.

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